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Jake Hendershot is a singer/songwriter based out of Muncie, Indiana. For nearly 20 years, Jake has been playing venues and festivals as a solo artist and with numerous bands. You can currently catch him playing solo or with his band, Vintage Reserves, featuring Luke Crawley (Bass), Brett Donovan (Organ), Pat Wray (Drums), and Justin Browning (Percussion).


After spending five years teaching Earth and Space Science in New Castle, Indiana, Hendershot decided to trade in his shirts and ties for diapers and wipes. He became a stay-at-home-dad to his two beautiful children, Julia and Jonathan, and decided to make one last run at pursuing music as a career. After a brief stint on Season 10 of The Voice on NBC, Hendershot returned to Muncie, and with the support of his loving wife, Lisa, he will be making one last push to have his music heard. In 2015, Jake recorded his self-titled EP at River City Studios, Ltd. in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The EP includes an original six-song collection of some of Hendershot's own works that he's written over the years. With help and guidance from longtime friends, Luke Crawley and Roy Wallace, they were able to put together what has been described as "a tightly crafted gem that demands to be listened to and savored”. Joining Wallace (Drums) and Crawley (Bass) on the EP are Sam Parks (Guitar), Matt Young (Guitar), Craig Avery (Organ and Rhodes), and Colin Tobin (Backing Vocals).


Be on the lookout for Jake Hendershot and the Vintage Reserves coming to a town near you!

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